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By: Yeachrudi

Already almost Ponari phenomenon a five month continued to become the news material in the mass media and we could witness so many of them in fact reaching thousands patien that was waiting to receive the blessing from Ponari and his miraculous stone in fact there are those that queued for days.
Definitely some of the we considered the Ponari phenomenon was the stage prila I was irrational the Indonesian community that still like that was trusting matters that ghaib. Will receive meditation and the critical study why the Indonesian community was still trusting matters that ghaib, and so base the life and died they to something that was certain did not yet be given recovery like Ponari and his miraculous stone? And the Ponari phenomenon not the only phenomenon, definitely so many phenomena of other shamanism with all the forms of his medical treatment that also irrational but did not receive the focus of the media so as not famous.
We afterwards connected his crowded phenomenon the Ponari patient with the level of the community's education that still was low. We regarded prila I was irrational the community was born was caused by the level of education, the school awareness and the quality of education that was accepted by the community was so low. This analysis had correctly him, but actually this analysis placed the community in the guilty and responsible position personally upper irrasionalitas prila I they.
In fact who he, was not possible to choose to not go to school, was not possible chose to stupid and was not possible chose to irrational. Then necessarily we asked why the community was irrational in fact they themselves not want to? His answer was the system! In the education system that must be traced by us why the irrational community, wanted to queue for days by receiving the miraculous Ponari stone immersion, wanted to scrape the land that was passed through second-hand water bathed Ponari. Once more our education system! Education that became the right for all the resident at this time became the merchandise thing, where obtaining the profit. The school that ought to accommodate who he, became the exclusive place, only could be enjoyed by wealthy people. Don't once we hoped the Ponari phenomenon and his miraculous stone will be lost just like that, if our education system did not leave the character shackles of his capitalism.
Then the Ponari phenomenon and his miraculous stone were criticism for our education system. Another thing that had tight relationship to the Ponari phenomenon and the miraculous stone him was the healthy right that definitely became property of the community and the government had an obligation to fill him. Be the same as our education system, the world of the health also take strong by capitalism. The problem of recovery and even the problem of the life became the following number after the problem of finance in the world of our health.
If the community was told chose, took medicine to Ponari and his miraculous stone or to the doctor in the hospital. Could be confirmed the community will choose the doctor, but what would we talk, the doctor's cost like that soared, the medicine cost was so expensive not to mention prila of mine-prila I the so efficient and capable health power served the person was rich but so slow and was impressed administrative when a person poor came with only had a supply of poor information cards.
Although having generic medicine, although having the healthy program for the poor person but we knew together how the management of administration of the poor card like that shit and so the poor patient was not helped again because for a long time waited for the management of administration and so many news that were witnessed by us where poor people were neglected in the hospital in fact a short time before to have the news of a patient could not go out (was taken hostage) hospital because of not paying his medical treatment. If being previous the idiom “poor family was written siks” because of the expensive medical treatment cost then now “poor family might be sick because of having Ponari and the stone”.
Ponari and his miraculous stone gave healthy hope for the poor person when the hope was claimed by capitalism in this world our health. Ponari and his miraculous stone gave the fresh wind for the poor person who earlier no longer had the road for recuperation. Ponari and his miraculous stone like satrio piningit for the poor community when all the choices of recovery were closed opposite them.
But unfortunately our government could not read the meaning of this phenomenon and continued to make the change. But our officials saw this phenomenon by laughing small while saying “how stupid him people” Clever and healthy was the citizen's right, the obligatory right was filled by the government as the holder of the message to care this country. The two rights will be never fulfilled if still in keep capitalism, care with the character of the capitalist and was enjoyed by people that the capitalist.
Ponari and his miraculous stone were criticism for all of us, was the opposition on the education system and the health this contry. It is hoped all of us especially the well-off officials said Ponari and his miraculous stone and carried out the change!
And there basic rights of the child like that was explained Rahmitha P Soendjojo, the counsellor to him/YKAI, Jakarta, and Irwanto PhD, the senior researcher in PKPM of Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta.
Minimal the child was given food was nutritious 3 times a day, not only ate or the snack junk food only reasons for parents did not want busy cooked. Moreover, since in the content then the entitled child got nutritious food, at first after being born. Important was learnt, the baby had the right got HEED because HEED was best food. Except the condition for the mother really did not enable to give HEED like because of being sick, there was no reason some sort to not give HEED to the baby.
The child's time was difficult to eat, parents even should not be busy filling him with various vitamins that it was said could increase appetite. The persuasion and searched knew why he did not want to eat; possibly he was bored with food that that-that or he was sick like laryngitis.
Definitely suitable clothing. Not significant must trade-marked clothes, expensive, and luxurious, Not for expensive when the clothes the narrowness because of making the not free child moving. Not in the age of pre-schooler children was very active him? Nah, if his movement was hindered, certainly will hinder his development also. That was important, gave priority to the neatness and the cleanliness. Make accustomed also so that the child always puts on clothes politely and appropriately.
The intention is, the appropriate residence. Love, the housing system for the low circle community still was very worrying; sumpek, dirty, and even without the room until the person could be free went out entered.

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